The new RHS Colts

RHS Colts

Handcrafted from ground up, the new RHS Colts takes advantage of the newest technology available to iOS 8 and 9, providing smooth experience across all iOS devices.

For Apple Watch

Packaged with App for Apple Watch, RHS Colts enableds you to check the day and schedule right on your wrist.


RHS Colts supports Glances on Apple Watch. Providing current block and duration, and next block if no class is in session at the moment.


RHS Colts provides today's schedule right inside the Notification Center. Simply swipe down from the status bar to view. Tap any entry to open the app itself.

For Mac

RHS Colts for Mac is a handcrafted version for Mac. Automatic update feature ensures that the local data source is up to date, providing the latest school-related information right on your desktop.